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Women's Health Center

Women's Health Services

The 100 wing has been converted from patient rooms to an area to bring our radiology services together in one area vs being spread out over three separate areas as was previously the case. This area now houses the new Mammography Suite and includes Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, Bone Density and Ultra Sound equipment as well.

Molecular Breast Imaging

We are pleased to be the only hospital in the state of Kentucky to currently offer Molecular Breast Imaging. This equipment was recently acquired and funded through an 80/20 grant made possible through the efforts of recently retired Radiologist, Dr. Jerry Westerfield and the Lake Cumberland Area Development District office.

Utilization of this machine can improve accuracy of cancer detection when you need tests beyond a standard mammogram. Unlike mammography this equipment does not use x-rays but utilizes principle of nuclear medicine in detecting a tumor or abnomality.

Early detection, combined with exceptional technology, can make all the difference, so call us today at (270) 866-4141 ext. 516 to schedule your appointment.

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