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Stop Smoking this Year!

We want to help...

Russell County Hospital is excited to be offering the Freedom From Smoking (FFS) method to stop smoking.

What is the Freedom From Smoking Method?

Freedom From Smoking is a common sense approach to the Physical and Psychological addiction of Nicotine, using nicotine replacement therapy and behavior modification in a group setting.

People who succeed:

Have made the decision that they are better off being a non smoker, you can be motivated by many things such as, family, work, health, finances or insurance; but, YOU have to make the decision to stop smoking for YOU.

Have to be willing to accept some discomfort in making the transition from smoker to nonsmoker, there are no "quick fixes".

Have trust in the program and follow it as outlined, taking advantage of the support group.

What does the Class Cost?

RCH in conjunction with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department offers assistance for those whose insurance does not cover smoking cessation. The class is free, the materials are free and as long as you attend meetings and remain compliant there are even funds available through the Hospital and the Lake Cumberland Health Department to pay for nicotine replacement products after the first month.

Becoming a nonsmoker is not an easy journey, but it is manageable!

If a person follows the program as outlined, and takes advantage of the group support they CAN become, and REMAIN, a nonsmoker!

For more information:

Call Lake Cumberland Health Department for more information about classes. (270) 343-2181 ext. 4
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