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RCH MyHealth Portal

RCH MyHealth Portal is your online resource to access your personal health information.

Once you register for RCH MyHealth, you will have instant access to:
Health Information:
Lab Results
Radiology Reports
Visit History
Discharge Instructions
Health Summary
Visit Reports
Allergies and Medications
Allergies and Conditions
Medications with Instructions
Request prescription renewals* (Provider Practices only; No controlled Medications)
Appointments* (Provider Practices Only)
Upcoming Visits
Online Bill Pay
Outstanding Balances

Frequently Asked Questions

To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

RCH MyHealth is available to all adult patients of the hospital since 2016 and clinics seen after July 1, 2016. If you have an email on file you can self-enroll and have access immediately. If you do not have an email on file self-enroll and once we verify your information we will send out an email with a link to create your login.

For Mobile users, we now have a Mobile App - Meditech MHealth available via your mobile app store

To enroll in RCH MyHealth:

Use the link below to complete the enrollment process.
A link will be emailed for you to set up your login credentials for RCH MyHealth. If you receive an error, RCH Portal Support will verify the information entered and email a link for you to set up your login credentials for RCH MyHealth (Please allow 5-10 working days for the email to be sent)

If you experience problems completing the enrollment process or have questions, please email RCH Portal Support at

Need to set up an account?

Self-Register now by clicking on this link

Already have an account?

Login Here by clicking on this link

Visually Impaired Accessible Patient Portal Log-in

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take for my information to be released to RCH MyHealth?

Results and documentation will be released to RCH MyHealth at a minimum of two days, but could be longer. Note: While radiology reports will be viewable, if the report is written outside of Russell County Hospital (for example: CVA Group), the report will not be viewable in RCH MyHealth Portal

2. What is the oldest date of service that I can view on RCH MyHealth?

For the Hospital lab results will date back from 2004. Reports are purged after 36 months.

3. Can my children have an account on RCH MyHealth?

Yes, if you are the legal guardian you may have access to your child's medical record. If the child is 12 or older, your child must complete a proxy form for you to have access. Proxy forms must be brought to Russell County Hospital or Family Practice Assoc of Russell County and all legal documents will be verified. If your child is 12 or older they must be present to verify their approval of the proxy. If you already filled out a Proxy form for FollowMyHealth portal email and we will verify and send a login link to the email on file. For all Proxy login links, please allow 5-10 business days for a response.

4. Who can access my information on RCH MyHealth?

You control the access to your information. If you would like your spouse, next of kin, etc. to have access to your medical records then you will need to come to the Medical Records department, with a photo ID, at either Russell County Hospital or Family Practice Associates of Russell County to fill out a Proxy Request Form.

5. Can my spouse and I use the same email address to enroll in RCH MyHealth?

Yes, however, if you use the same email address your spouse will know when there is a change to any medical information, due to notifications sent to the email address of file.

6. What do I do if there is a discrepancy in my record?

To update personal information you can edit your profile (please allow 5-10 working days for changes to take effect).

If there is a discrepancy in your medical records click here to submit your information securely.

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