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Financial Assistance

If you are unable to pay in person, we encourage you to mail your payments or make payments online at under QUICK LINKS then PAY YOUR BILL. Payments can be mailed to P.O. Box 1610, Russell Springs, KY 42642 please be sure to include your account number. This would also apply for payments for our clinics, Family Practice Associates and Primary Care Associates.
If you need assistance with your bill you still may call 270-866-4141 ext 502 or 270-866-8596 or send an email to the Financial Counselor at and we will return any calls or emails as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Plain Language Summary of Financial Assistance Policy

Russell County Hospital is committed to offering financial assistance to residents of Russell County and/or patients that work and pay taxes or applicable property taxes for Russell County. Indigent care assistance is also available to patients of Kentucky Hospitals, that provide services to individuals and families. You may be able to get financial assistance if you are not insured, under insured, not eligible for government program, do not qualify for government assistance ( for example Medicare or Medicaid), or who are approved for Medicaid but the services are not medically necessary or the service is considered non covered by Medical Assistance. A Financial Application must be submitted along with the required supporting information that is required of Russell County Hospital Financial Assistance Policy. Uninsured or Under insured patients will not be charged more than the AGB for emergency or other medically necessary care to individuals who may have insurance coverage.

Financial Assistance Applications may be obtained/completed/submitted as follows:
1. Application can be obtained at RCH Admissions desk or at the patient financial services located at 153 Dowell Road, Russell Springs, KY 42642. Also copies of teh Financial Assistance Policy can be obtained at

2. Request to have an application mailed to you by calling (270)866-8596 or (270)866-4141 ext. 502

3. Request application by mail at Russell County Hospital, PO Box 1610, 153 Dowell Road, Russell Springs, KY 42642 Attention: Financial Counselor.

4. Download an application through the Russell County Hospital website:

At Russell County Hospital accounts for inpatient, outpatient, emergency room services, and professional services of employed physicians are eligible for financial assistance. Providers that are not employed by the hospital are subject to professional fee's that are not covered under the Russell County Hospital financial assistance program.


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Plain Language Summary
Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Aid Application
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