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"IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM RUSSELL COUNTY HOSPITAL: If you feel you have coronavirus symptoms and want to be tested, contact your Physician FIRST to get a Doctors order for the test BEFORE coming to the hospital. Acutely ill come to the Emergency Room." | COVID-19 Rules effective on August 2, 2021 . Masks are now required AGAIN for everyone entering the hospital, vaccinated or not vaccinated. This includes Hospital Employees, Patients, and Visitors. Russell County Hospital is looking out for the safety and welfare of Employees as well as Patients and the Community. Also, the Russell County Hospital Health Fair and Lab Draws have been cancelled.

Picture of a sign that says: Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation


Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation are medically supervised programs to help heart and lung patients recover and improve overall function.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab combines prescriptive exercise training with counseling on risk factor modification in patients with established heart and lung disease.

The goals are to:
improve functional capacity,
alleviate or lessen activity related symptoms,
reduce disability,
identify and modify risk factors,
attempt to reduce further events and
improve quality of life

Efforts are targeted at exercise, disease management, symptom control and smoking cessation.

We accept patients upon physician referral and will keep your physician informed about your progress throughout your participation in the program. When you are admitted into our program, we will develop a telemetry-monitored exercise program individualized to your needs. The length of time you receive rehabilitation services may be determined by your insurance company. Patients may stay in the program up to 12 weeks.

Cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients receive services on a regular basis. We have various types of exercise equipment for use. During exercise, our cardiac rehab patients' blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm will be monitored closely. We closely monitor our pulmonary rehab patients' oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm during their exercise program.

For more information, please call (270)866-4116
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