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RCH Medical Stabilization

Russell County Hospital Medical Stabilization
153 Dowell Road
Russell Springs, Ky. 42642
(270) 866-2020 & (270) 566-5077

5 Facts about Russell County Hospital Medical Stabilization

1) Who we are: Inpatient Russell County Hospital Medical Stabilization for treatment of withdrawal symptoms from Alcohol or Opioid Use. A Life of Freedom from dependence on Alcohol or Drugs is possible with Qualified Professionals providing medication management, stabilization, and support to begin anew!

2) What is Medical Stabilization at Russell County Hospital?
Medical Stabilization is not Detox, but reaching medical stability while going through withdrawal symptoms, stability of Alcohol/Drug Usage through Inpatient medication management, and achieving functional stability with respect to drug/alcohol use, through individualized person-centered care. Upon completion of services during 3-5 day stay, Patient assistance is given for the next step in the recovery process with options of Outpatient or Inpatient continuation of care.

3) The Medical Stabilization team includes:
Case Managers
Social Services

4) Payment for Medical Stabilization:
Insurance and Self-Pay options available

5) Is this Medical Stabilization Program for me?
Yes!!!... if you are looking for a Fresh New Start in Life and ready to begin New Life Goals!
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