RCH Building Project

Funding RCH Building Project

Russell County Hospital applied for funding through the USDA, under the umbrella of its Rural Development Loan program, to expand our physical facility while providing new and broadened healthcare capabilities.

The USDA Loan was announced as approved May 24, 2012 by the office of U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

The USDA Loan, will provide a very low, fixed interest rate for a 38-year mortgage. Current economic conditions are such that we believe it's best to take advantage of the low, fixed rate.

Our status as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) allows Russell County Hospital to plan an expansion with construction costs largely negated by Medicare reimbursements.

Plans are to accept construction bids by mid-
summer and to commence construction on an additional 43,000 square feet by autumn.

The expansion will nearly double Russell County Hospital's current 48,000 square foot facility. Included in the expansion will be: Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency Room and Laboratory.

Existing facility will also be remodeled along with making all patient rooms private.

Construction of these new additions is expected to take two years. In short, we are building for the future with a commitment to providing the region's premier medical care to those who rely on us.

Keep an eye on our progress. Through this website and various local media, the Administration of Russell County Hospital will work diligently to provide timely information and updates regarding this project.

We appreciate the support of those we serve as we move forward to making Russell County Hospital a leading-edge healthcare facility.

Board of Directors Move Forward on RCH Expansion Project

At Januarys' monthly meeting of the Russell County Hospital Board of Directors, a decision was made to move forward with submitting the necessary paperwork for financing of the original building project to the USDA.

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